Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zoya Valentine's Day Promo

ZOYA is doing a Valentine's Day promo right now. Pick any red from their red list and you get it free+free shipping with any purchase. Go to their facebook page for the code :)

I picked Nidhi and Melodie! Come back and let me know what you score!

I'm currently visiting my mom right now. I thought I had drafted and saved posts for this week but APPARENTLY they didn't save so, that sucks. I don't have any swatches for you guys this week. :( I'm bummed.

I am having fun, though. I picked up 6 sinful colors yesterday including my most wanted: Cinderella. I actually bought two bottles just in case no one else could find her...or I love her so much I use up the first bottle. Ahem. Anyway..I tried to go to Sally's for their buy seche vite base coat get the top coat free but their base coat was out. However, they informed me of an incoming truck today. >:D


~Sherre said...

I got Yara and Reva...love Zoya and their great promos. I got a major Sinful Colors haul yesterday (15, including Cinderella!) and have made another list of more I need after seeing some swatches. I just can't pass up those 99 cent beauties!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

.99 cents is way too good to pass up! I thought about buying a few more.

I also thought long and hard about reva but when I saw a swatch of Nidhi I knew for sure I wanted her!

I had Yara and ended up selling her. She's a beautiful sage-green with gold glitter but I never wore her, she needed a good home :)