Friday, February 10, 2012

Drugstore Week,Day 3: Revlon

Revlon is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Like Sally Hansen, they're really branching out in their nail polish lines and the quality is always improving. Prices range from 2.99-7.99 depending on where and what line you're purchasing.

Let's start with the stunner. My absolute omg-wtf-surprise-favorite:

Rain Forest

This is from the color stay nail enamel line that, I believe is supposed to work like a gel polish minus the UV light. Are you seeing this, people? -jaw drops- This gorgeous hunter green with beautiful green-gold sparkles is just too much to handle. I just...die when I wear this polish and I never want to take it off. It's beautiful and rich. The application is a dream in two coats. I just can't get over this polish. I think it would look beautiful on everyone - the color is cool enough and the glitter is warm enough. This color just makes me go "eeeeeee!" when I wear it. I feel like rowing down the Amazon or..eating a banana. This retails for 4.99-7.99.

Sheer Rose

As the name states, this is a sheer rose color. It is opaque in two coats, as seen above, but could use three as well. It's a beautiful, dainty, feminine neutral that I fell in love with the moment I put it on. It looks much more beautiful on the nail compared to the bottle. There is this very fine, subtle gold-pink glitter in here that puts a fun twist on neutral. This retails for 2.99-4.99.

Blue Mosaic

Hello awesome glitter! This is Blue Mosaic over Essie Go Overboard. Blue Mosaic is so much fun! It looks like a blizzard on my nails. There is blue and silver micro glitter and large aqua, green, and silver hexagons. If you do not have this polish you need it! It looks best over blues, whites, and black. It might look good over green as well but I have not tried.This also retails for 2.99-4.99.


This is Revlon Stormy - my favorite grey! It's a deep grey, looks a little like asphalt sometimes. I love it because it's just grey, not greige, there's no obvious blue tones involved. It's just a straight up grey. It's classy and chic without the darkness of a black polish, and none of the effort a black polish takes, either.

I love Revlon. They're one of my favorite brands. If you don't own any of these colors I highly recommend you buy them. ESPECIALLY rain forest. -drools-. You get good quality and range for the price. Revlon is definitely top notch!


Sarah said...

Rain Forest is so pretty!! I'm going to look for that next time I am polish shopping!

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

I have rain forest but I haven't worn it yet. Now I can't wait! I've been impressed with my most recent revlon polishes!! And Stormy is a fav of mine too!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Kaki - Rain Forest is just like no other nail polish I own! It's amazing! Let me know how much you love it when you wear it. :)

Sarah - Hopefully you find it!