Saturday, February 11, 2012

Drugstore Week, Day 4: Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is a very versatile company with their hands in many many pies. They have polish from 1.99-9.99 and are definitely don't shy away from color! Here are my favorite Sally Hansen's that I own:

Black Diamonds

I usually don't wear black because I find it a little harsh with my skin tone, but this is a beautiful sparkly black. That's an entirely different ball game! I love Black Diamonds, it's simply stunning on the nail and helps make any outfit extremely sophisticated! This is two coats (two!). I always need at least 3-4 coats for a black polish. I think the sparkle really helps cover any potential bald spots. The diamond strength line is around 3.99 and so worth it, I have many colors from this line and they are fantastic.

I bought this color because my S/O liked it. I wasn't completely sold on it but he was gushing over it so I had to buy it, because how often is it that our better halves gush over polish? The first time I wore it I did not like it at all. Then I applied it a second time and it grew on me. It doesn't look as streaky in person as it does on the nail in this photo. I did three coats. Gun-metal is so shiny and unique, I don't own anything like it. The x-treme wear line retails for 1.99-2.99.

Lacey Lilac

Purple is the most sparse in my collection and this is the only lilac I own, but I'm pretty sure it's the only lilac I NEED to own. Look at how pretty this is! It's a little streaky but after 3 coats you get this beautiful pastel shade that's perfect for spring. I didn't notice until now that I flubbed my middle finger. Oh well, the polish is still super pretty! If you don't own a lilac you should buy this one, it's anywhere from 1.99-2.99.

 Glass Slipper over Black Diamonds

Glass Slipper over It's Chiff-on!

HI. It's a flakie. A beautiful, beautiful flakie! This is a white flakie called 'glass slipper'. First, I layered it over Black Diamonds. -falls over-. So sparkly and fun! I did two coats of glass slipper for optimal intensity and I love it! It looks like winter. I also did a coat of glass slipper of it's chiff-on! I'm not as in love with this one as I was black diamonds but it's still a fun flakie. There is a second flake in this line. It's pink and reminds me a little bit of I Lily Love you by OPI.

In the Spotlight over Fruiti Petutie

This is "In the Spotlight". It's a holographic bar glitter and looks like a fun mess of confetti on the nail. I put two coats over sally hansen "fruiti petutie". "In the Spotlight" is very inexpensive if you're looking for a bar glitter but don't want to spend a lot of money. It's anywhere from 1.99-2.99 and looks awesome over everything.

Save the Date

MY FAVORITE. Out of everything - this is "save the date" and just looks beautiful. It's a deep, rich, exciting plum-burgundy with a hint of shimmer to it. You NEED this polish. If I had to wear one polish for the rest of my life it would be this one. It's so gorgeous I can't get over it. It's like sex on my nails. My swatches do not do this color justice at all!


Cha-ching is from the Gem crush line. Out of all the colors this red one stuck out to me the most. My S/O surprised me with it after seeing me stare at them for 15 minutes. I layered two coats of Cha-Ching over three coats of revlon Fired. How fun is this glitter? There is red micro glitter and then larger red and silver glitter. It's so blinged out if you love glitter you need this polish! The other one from this line I really want is "razzle dazzler" but I can't find it anywhere!
It's Chiff-on

Here is "It's Chiff-on!" This is a very delicate, feminine, airy pink - my favorite type of pink! It's very neutral and has a subtle shimmer to it.

Strobe Light


And finally we have another shade from the Xtreme Wear line: Strobe Light. Strobe light is a pink based micro glitter with a bit of holographic sparkle to it, but not much. I have two coats here over Lacey Lilac. I usually only wear this over pink and am very surprised at the outcome with the lilac. I wasn't expecting it to look so nice but the two colors really work well together. This is subtle but so loud at the same time. And for a glitter it's very shiny. This is sans top coat.

I love Sally Hansen. I love their versatility, their color range, the quality, the price. They get it right every time and are a wonderful drug store brand of polish. Hopefully I helped you narrow down or list. Or maybe I made it larger. :)


Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

I think we must share the same nail brain - I have most of these colors too! I love black diamonds! great swatches!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Black diamonds is just so chic! And thank you. :D