Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Men and Nail Polish

Recently Seal was spotted wearing a fantastic shade of yellow polish on his nails. Click here to read the article at styleite.com There seems to be quite a bit of buzz about this, and I'm not surprised.

One of my hot button issues - when I'm in debate mode - is gender roles. I see nothing wrong with Seal wearing nail polish. I think it's refreshing - and no different considering men have worn black nail polish for years and are only recently deviating from that choice. What's the problem? Will the world implode if more men decide to follow suit on the manicure?

I love it. I'll continue to love it. I think the world needs more acceptance and equality, and less judgement.

Keep calm and paint your nails - ALL of you!

What's your opinion on men wearing nail polish?


Jill said...

That's awesome!!! I want more men to wear nail polish. Most men seem to think that others will perceive them as "gay", but it's just paint. Everyone should be able to enjoy a palette of color! I want the color Seal is wearing too haha.

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

According to a comment on the china glaze status on facebook - someone asked on twitter and it was custom made for him.

Lucky guy.