Friday, May 11, 2012


Due to the most amazing unforeseen circumstances, I have to put the blog on hiatus until my life gets a little less (good) crazy.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Nail Mail

Essie Dive Bar (left) and Orange It's Obvious from a swap.

Pink Dahlia Twinkle, Chunky Holo Candy, and City Never Sleeps


Wow. Wow. WOW. My friend sent this to me as a thank you and I just like. I can't formulate words right now, I'm so happy and grateful and surprised and I can't wait to wear it

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two day haul.

Yesterday, we all went out for Mexican and I stopped by Sally's and picked up a few things. Two of the minis are for a box swap I'm in. Two neon orange mini sally's, a mini out the door, seche, and "warhol wannabe", a neon pink by Finger Paints.

Today I went out and found my mother's day gift. An amazingly beautiful 10k white gold ring. It was $339, I bought it for $94. :)

I also bought two new polishes from Icing. They're from the 'starstruck' collection and appear to be from color club! The pink one is "flying saucer" and the green one is "blast off". These are amazingly sparkly and fun for summer.

The mustache is a jewelry holder. I don't own anything to hold my jewelry. When I put it on the counter the chick ringing me up was like "You are NOT buying that!" LOL. Yes, yes I am. What can I say? I love it. :) I also purchased some new vintagey-retro flower sunglasses from Rue 21 and a set of Mediterranean looking bangles. I'm not a huge fan of bangles or bracelets in general, but these really spoke to me!

Models Own Fuzzy Peach

Models Own Fuzzy Peach is a very pretty peach creme. The application can be a bit frustrating but overall it's a very beautiful creme. I don't own many peach shades so this is a very nice addition to my collection. I love wearing it when I want something neutral but not beige.

Hair of the Day

Yesterday we went out of town and ate dinner at this semi-decent-not-spectacular Mexican place. Part early mother's day celebration, part "just because". It was really hot and muggy outside but I didn't want to just throw my hair up in a bun and call it a day. I braided a tiny piece of my hair, folded it over, french braided it down the side, and then threw it in a side bun.

Hair down showcased the braid a little better than up.

I'm really digging this little crown braid and will definitely be adding it to the repeat-file.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rainbow nails

Does it look like little rainbows shooting from my fingertips? Because that's what I was aiming for.


I used: Zoya Gia, Arizona, Pippa, Breezi, Meg, and Kieko. The clouds are sinful colors snow me white. I just free handed the stripes, I didn't see the point in using tape for something like this because it would've drawn out the time by hours, easily.

Anyway. Clean up was a pain witih the clouds. And now you see why my pointer finger never makes it into photos. She's so jacked up looking, lol.

Essie Trophy Wife

Essie Trophy Wife is one of those colors I always walked by, picked up for a second and then put down. It looked very underwhelming in the bottle. One day I was visiting my mom and she had this color. I had no polish with me so I used it (better than nakey nails, right?) and suddenly realized what a mistake I'd been making.

In the bottle, Trophy Wife looks like a deep teal with subtle glitter. On the nail it turns into this bright deep teal almost-foil! It's AMAZING. The bottle is not an accurate depiction of what this color will look like on your nail.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Loves me Not

Sally Hansen Loves me Not is from the new Spring runway collection. This one spoke to me the most, and my word it's gorgeous.

In the bottle shot below, you can see there is some gold glitter as well as bright purple and indigo. The gold never showed up on my nail - however, the sun kept disappearing on me so it's hard to say if it was the weather, or the polish itself.

All the photos are two coats with one coat of seche vite on top. The seche really seals this color and gives it a beautiful glass finish. Loves me Not is a dark purple base filled with indigo and purple glitter. The glitter gives the nail this amazing multi-colored finish that I haven't seen too often in the lacquer-world lately. It's an effortless glitter gradient.

Run, don't walk, and go buy Loves me Not!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

giveaway! china glaze he's going in circles

Doing it again? Yah, pretty much. Good luck.


I love jellies and I love being hit with multiple photos of jellies. There's just something about their squishy texture and shiny-finish that makes me gush whenever I wear one. The OPI Texas jellies are amazing. I used to have Houston, We Have a Purple - but I gave it away! I just didn't like that shade of purple on me.

All of these photos are three coats. As you can see, there really is no visible nail line at that point. With two coats you have a bit of VNL but with the third it disappears. At least on me! All these colors are incredibly saturated and beautiful. If you do not own them, you need to.

Too Hot Pink to Hold' Em
Appropriate name - it's a bright pink fuschia jelly. It's very girly, very in your face, and of course squishy.

Big Hair..Big Nails.
The one that made me fall in love with jellies! It's a pink-red. In person it has more pink tint to it than red. I wish this was a true red jelly.

Ya'll Come Back, Ya Hear?
My new favorite. This is very orange, hello citrus. It's just amazing. It's perfect for summer and I cannot believe I hadn't pulled it out of my collection until yesterday.


That's it for the jelly fun. I wish I had more to show you! I have OPI my pointe exactly but that one is such a pain to apply. I'm impatient so every time I try, I get bald spots and it pools by my cuticle. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sally Hansen HD DVD

During my little swatch-marathon today I grabbed Sally Hansen HD DVD. I swapped for this a long time ago, put it away, and never pulled it out again until today.

Wow. Was that the biggest mistake I've ever made? Not quite, but it makes the list somewhere.

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. Guys, there are TWO colors on my nails AT THE SAME TIME. This is more than a duochrome, it's just..GAH. Spectacular, spectacular, no words in our vernacular! I saw all of the HD Sally Hansen's at Ulta the other day for 2.50 a piece. I wish I would have bought them all! Keep your peepers peeled, these are still in random drugstores!

One coat of DVD.

Three coats of DVD w/Seche Vite.

Woooo, bottle shot.

Pure Ice: new display/polishes

There is a new display of Pure Ice nail polish at Walmart called "Vinyl Remix". The display shows a bunch of manicured hands with this awesome rainbow effect. Each polish is a duo: one base coat, one color, and one nail file.

I don't have any photos of the display because my phone is in the stone age with no photo capabilities, and I generally don't go toting my large Nikon around LOL. Anyway, I stood in front of the display with my sister wondering if each individual polish provides that rainbow effect, or if these are individual colors that are layered. The bottles were very vague but we came to the (maybe obvious conclusion, but the display is so misleading) that each set is one color. She grabbed the blue. Not pictured is a vinyl nail file included (which is cute and I wish my sister would just give to me...I love kitschy stuff like that, lol).

I thought the term 'vinyl remix' was neat and bringing something new to the table. I love old records so the idea was very appealing to my inner hipster. Pure Ice already has a line of colored crackle so it didn't occur to me they'd try that AGAIN. Turns out, it really is just some crackle, ya'll. LOL. Glad I didn't buy it. If my sister goes back out to buy another one, I'll layer the two and let you guys know if this is anything special. The magic base coat is just white polish and the blue

Apparently, the vinyl that comes with this is supposed to help you make designs with the polish. I'm going to try it today and see what happens.