Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Vikings

It isn't nail art saturday, but who cares! Maybe it's Striped Sunday. This is my first try at a tape manicure and while I am not entirely pleased with how it came out, I definitely learned a lot:

1. Do something to protect cuticles to prevent lots of cuticle flooding
2. Don't do nail art when your toddler is in "helpful" mode.
3. Use a better base color

I live in the mid-west. The closest decent football team is the Vikings, so here is my...Viking manicure! They're not my favorite team at all. My favorite team is THE SAINTS! I'll be doing a Saints Mani soon, and with baseball coming up, I'll be doing my favorite team, The San Francisco Giants!

So here it is. I used Wet n Wild Color Icon "give me a price quote" for the gold (crappy bottles, wth?!) and Sinful Color "dream on" for the purple. The purple is very intense and dries matte. Even with a top coat, the WnW gold is still really gritty feeling which I do not like at all - however it's a very awesome, textured gold.

These two colors were really great choices for a tape mani because the almost-neon "dream on" dried really quickly and the glitter dried quickly as well!

Remember, today is the last day to enter the giveaway! Tomorrow I'm hoping to have some color club spam for you guys. :) Enjoy your Sunday!


MixedMama said...

I love it! Those were my high school colors back in the day lol. I too am having such a hard time with tape nails! One day we will master it!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

I'm definitely wanting to give it a second try tonight. This time I will wait for the kiddo to go to bed, lol.