Thursday, February 9, 2012

Drugstore Week, Day 2: Spoiled

Spoiled is a line at CVS by Wet n Wild. I bought four, but I'm only a fan of two so those are the two I'm posting. I'm going out of town to visit my mom next week and I am definitely stopping by CVS. I don't have one here, so that's one of the first places I go besides Sephora!

Anyway! The first color that I absolutely love is:

Toad-ally Awesome

Green is in right now. It's everywhere in every shade and this is one you should buy. It's the perfect dark mint green with sparkle. I feel like if this were a bright brighter and more green than blue, it would be a dupe for Dior Waterlily. Either way, this is a very serene, nice color. The application is a little thick but it isn't impossible. The brushes are thick so if you like that sort of thing, Spoiled is a line for you to check out. There are hundreds of colors to choose!

Let's Get Sushi

I'll admit it - I bought this color for the name. Sushi is my favorite food. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be sushi. I'm a bit disappointed with the color. I thought it would be more salmon instead of the bright orange that it is. It is a great shade of orange but it isn't the color I was hoping for. Application on this color was a bit difficult for me, I kept getting a lot of "bleeding" into all the crevices and cracks in and around my nail. If I had the time and patience I think I could make this look really nice - however the thick brush also gets in my way. I prefer a thin brush most of the time. This is not a neon shade but it is definitely bright.

I really like the Spoiled line. The polishes are thick, sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes that's a bad thing. The brushes are relatively nice, they're just not my favorite. You can only buy this at CVS for 1.99 a piece. These are definitely a good deal for your money. Hopefully next week I have a few more to show you so I can do a part II to this post.

Tomorrow? REVLON!

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