Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amazing Nail Mail! *pic heavy

At the beginning of February I participated in a Valentine's Day Beauty Swap organized by Ms Mystique.


I received my package yesterday from Emma at Emma Bovary Beauty! I was so excited to come home and see my mail arrived, I ripped open the package before saying hello to my daughter, haha!

In order of the photos:

Australis blush in baby doll, Australis mineral eyeshadow in treasure, Australis lip gloss in coy, BA gloss in baby, Bloom Berry Bang lip balm, Essence mascara, Essence long-lasting lip gloss in me and my ice cream, Lacura blush in sunset, Sportsgirl anklet, Savvy eyeshadow palette, Face of Australia lipstick in Forbidden Fruit (eee!), Work of Heart eyeshadow palette (how cute is that!?), Sportsgirl Get Cheeky eye/cheek shimmer, Face of Australia liquid eyeliner in black, and a tiny pack of Vegemite.

Thank you for everything, Emma! It's all amazing. I had little idea of what I wanted and my buddy managed to hit the nail on the head even with my vague "um, I like red lipstick and neutral shadow" LOL. I love everything and cannot wait to try it all. I can't say that I'll eat the Vegemite - I've heard horror stories!...maybe I'll keep it in my purse and pull it out at parties, haha.

I received Emma's package fairly quickly. I'm hoping mine doesn't take very long. She used a bag which I will have to remember for next time. I used a box. A slightly heavy box..ha.

On a separate note, I need a light box. Yikes.

I also received my Zoya Valentine's Day order! Nidhi and Melodie. :)


emmabovary said...

Oh I'm so glad to see this, and that you liked the things I chose for you! The box arrived! And you really picked the perfect things for me, I adored all of it so so much :D

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

EEE! It arrived? I'm so happy! I hope you love everything! :D