Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoya Julieanne

Today I have for you one of my new favorites, in the top 5 (I should really make a top 5 list instead of just saying it..) of all time: Zoya Julieanne. I bought this awhile back, put her away and never looked at her again until I was looking for a polish to compliment my outfit, but not overpower everything.

Wow, did I pick a winner. Zoya Julieanne is a beautiful shade that looks like maybe someone mixed purple and navy. It isn't a blurple, it's better than that. It has very fine micro glitter in it that just makes this polish stand out amongst everything - but still looks refined.
Here she is with "out the door" as a top coat:

Please ignore my sad, dried up pointer finger. I ripped the cuticle off last week and it's still recovering. All the acetone certainly isn't helping!

So my mom is bribing me with nail polish to come down and see her and bring my toddler, haha. She sent me three ULTA colors for Valentine's Day (haven't received them yet, I just know she bought them) and if I come down to see her she promises "one polish for each day, total of 4, and maybe I'll feed you." I think the funnier part of all this is my significant other, Jon, told me: "tap them veins, you're a junkie" Oy, I am not! :)

But hey, isn't Julieanne GORGEOUS? You need to own her!

Tomorrow is the first of (I don't know how many) "drug store" posts, so keep reading for that! I'm excited to go through all of my polishes to find my favorite finds and save you all (well, maybe, depending on your outlook) some money.


emmabovary said...

Such a pretty shade! I am loving Zoya at the moment, really want to get some of their polishes. I just saw their new flaky trio- swoooon! Lovely swatches, hope your pointer finger heals soon xx

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Zoya is amazing! I feel like they're my best friend, haha.

And thanks, I hope it heals soon too.