Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I received this beauty from a friend in a polish swap on Facebook. I waited an agonizing two weeks for it to arrive. When it finally came, I gasped. It's beautiful. Shades of red, blue, green, and purple in the cute tiny bottle. Then I layered it over NYC prince street and was sorely disappointed. It doesn't look half as awesome on the nail as it does in the bottle. Then I realized:

I think all these color shifting polishes might look best over black, so I took out my nail wheel and was pleasantly surprised. Black is really the way to go with this color, IMO. It captures the color shifts well. In the light you have this bright, beautiful red that occasionally looks copper. In the shade you get an olive green, sometimes an aqua-green, and if you point your nails down it turns into an emerald (which I was unable to truly capture).

Perhaps Prince Street's slight shimmer and brighter purple took away from the glory of Fantasy Fire. I'm not going to bother posting the mani I did because it doesn't show off fantasy fire at all and just looks bad.

Fantasy Fire is beautiful, yes, but I believe it doesn't suit me that well. I can't even say I'll wear it that often. I thought for awhile about what I wanted to do. Keep it just to say I have it and I love the bottle? Give it to my sister who would never wear or appreciate it?

No. I'll give it to one of you guys! Granted, this was used for one full mani, but there's still a ton left in the bottle and it's so gorgeous I want someone to enjoy it! I'll post the giveaway later! I'm still deciding on how long I want the giveaway to be open.


Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Wee! I'm so excited! There's no way I could ever get my hands on one of them, so I'm waiting for your next post!! BUT as much as it pains me to say this - most people have loved it over a blue or purple or maroon - maybe you can try it over those and see if it suits you better before giving it away ... But I still hope you give me a chance to win it!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

I'm going to give it away. I'd never wear it, and I just recently found OPI Movin' Out which is very similar to Fantasy Fire. I certainly don't need both :)