Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Summer Brights: Butter London and Spoiled

Here are two swatches of some fun summer brights. The first is Butter London Slapper from the Spring 2012 collection. It's a beautiful, bright, bold aquamarine. I've found that it dries a bit darker than it applies. It's also incredibly hard to photograph. I had a very difficult time with it and from what I've seen, other bloggers are having difficulty photographing slapper as well.

I took about 20 photos and this is the only color accurate photo I have. I love Slapper, it's my first Butter London. The color is beautiful, it reminds me of summer and hanging out by the pool. You can buy slapper at or -  you can also find it at Ulta. It retails for $14. The formula is great, this is two coats. The bottles are fun and different, but easy to store. The caps comes off as well.

Next I have "Did I Dye it Too Blonde?" by Spoiled. Spoiled is available at CVS, made by Wet n Wild. They retail for 1.99 but often have 2/$3 sales.

I do not like the Spoiled brushes. They're AWFUL. They're thick, uneven, and often I have to cut down straggler bristles. I'm considering finding new brushes for all my Spoiled polishes because I really enjoy the colors.

This is a very, very bright, neon, highlighter yellow. If you're looking for a great neon, go buy this. The first photo is in the shade. It really glows in the shade. The second photo is in the sun.

In my experience neons can be difficult to apply. First, I applied one coat of Spoiled 'correction tape'. White does a good job of showing neons in their true color. Then I put on three coats of 'Did I Dye it Too Blonde?"

I've always had trouble applying white nail polish - like pastels, it gets really thick and heavy on my nails and I have a hard time getting straight, even lines. I did my best to clean it up before applying the yellow.


KathyB said...

I've never seen the Spoiled brand in stores but I am absolutely in love with that neon yellow. The blue's gorgeous, too. BUT the yellow is show-stopping. Need to wear that one to the club when they turn the black lights on.

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

The yellow would look awesome under black light! The only store you can find this at is CVS, but you can order them online at as well: