Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty Post: Sockbun Curls

If you frequent youtube "beauty guru" videos at all, you've probably noticed how popular the sock bun is recently..and in conjunction with that, the sockbun curl. When you put your damp hair in a sockbun, you wake up the next morning with easy, heat free curls.

Yesterday morning I put my hair in a braid and no pieces fell out. Usually a huge chunk falls out to the right side because my hair was really layered and I'm slowly growing it out. Then I realized, if my hair is long enough to side braid, it might be long enough to try the sock bun!

Here is the sock bun. You can see I have a few pieces sticking out because my hair is just BARELY long enough to pull up like this.

AND YOWZA. DO I need a dye job. Nothing like an oddly angled picture to show you the ugly truth. Yikes. I had my hair bleached and dyed pink/blue and clearly I need a second try at covering that up. Here's a picture of my awesome pink hair from about a month ago:


I spritzed my pony tail with Aussie Scrunch Spray and then dampened it again with a bit of water before bed..just for some extra insurance. I woke up, took the bun+pony tail out and here are my curls:

My hair has never had this much body before. Once I took the pony tail out, I ran my fingers through my hair with a leave-in conditioner from Herbal Essences called "long term relationship" (red pump bottle). I pinned back my over grown bangs because they were matted down and bam! Sexy, voluminous hair with NO heat - no blow dryer, no curling iron, no hot rollers! Just a sock and a pony tail.

There are a ton of "how to sock bun" videos on youtube, just type in "sock bun" and you'll get over a thousand different hits.

If you try the sock bun curls, let me know on the facebook page how it went for you! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find my left over box of brown hair dye. Yeesh, orange is not a good look for me. I had no idea...that just shows you how little I ever look in the mirror LOL.


Joy B said...

I like this post because it's the most I've ever seen of your gorgeous face. I heart youuuuu. I wonder if this sockbun business will work for ethnic hair... hrrrrmmmm....

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Ohhh I'm going to have to try this! I saw your tweet last night and immediately went to youtube and found a great video! Hopefully I'll be brave enough to share my experience also!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

@Joy You are so sweet. You know I love you :D

I think it would work on ethnic hair. There's a beauty youtuber called Andrea and I want to say she did something very similar to this. It was this or little kabuki buns.

@Kaki, do post your experience :D If I can put my mug up there, you can, too! :)