Monday, March 26, 2012

gradient cheetah print

Last night I was browsing pinterest and came across this tutorial on a sponged gradient manicure. I love gradients, always have. They're just so pretty and sunset like.

I grabbed a make up sponge and went to town. I painted my nails with one coat of Essie's Topless & Barefoot. Then I painted three layers of the sponge with the colors I wanted: China Glaze For Audrey, Zoya Pippa, and some nameless pink Color Club. Then I sponged, reapplied the nail polish and sponged two more times. I should have followed the directions and started with a white base, but I didn't feel like dealing with the mess and patience that a white nail polish requires. White is definitely the way to go, though.

After a few easy sponge applications, I ended up with this:

As gorgeous and awesome as that looks...yeah, not what I was going for. It took me 30 minutes to clean that up, and I ended up with this:

Topped it with Out the Door, and continued on...

I used Spoiled Correction tape for the white and Wet n Wild black creme for the black. I used my dotting tools and topped it all with Seche Vite. I did my right hand as well, but I have a hard time trying to photograph it.

Things I learned:

1. Use tape, just like a water marble.
2. Use white as a base.


GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

This look awesome. I love it even with out the cheetah print!!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Thanks! It took me awhile to decide to put the cheetah print on top, but I really wanted it to be flashy. :)

Kelly-devilishpolish said...

If you dont wanna use a white base I have done this before and I used a really really really light pink base, if you have something like that with better formula then use it :))

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

I have quite a few light pinks, I'll have to try those next time. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Hi! My name is Cherie. said...

I love this look! haven't tried any gradient or water marbles yet so will have to research it :)

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Thanks, let me know if you try any of those :)