Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Nail Polish Tag!

Mixed Mama tagged me in this post. I'm tagging:

Polish and Charms
Love for Lacquer
Just Nailing It
Polished Not Put Together

& Anyone reading this who wants to do it! If you do it, please comment on this post and link so I can read your answers!

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1. How many nail polishes do you have? Around 110.

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
Zoya. I love the formula, the range of colors, and their lack of harsh chemicals.

3. Do you like crackle polish or do you hate it?
I hate it. My mom actually bought me the crackle from the Nicki Minaj collection. She told me she bought one and I was super excited, then saw it was the crackle one and was really disappointed, haha. She didn't know, though. So I exchanged it for Fly, which I love (and she was okay with me exchanging it!)

4. What was your first nail polish brand?

5. If you are going to have a nail polish line, what are you going to name it?
I would name it Bare. Not for a lack of color, but because it would be free of harsh chemicals and it would be vegan friendly. :)

6. What nail polish colors do not compliment you?
Frosty colors and light neutral taupe and browns. I'm not a fan of the mannequin hands look. They look super weird on me.

7. What nail polish colors do compliment you?
All cool tones and orange-reds, light pinks look really nice too. Bright blues.

8. Name two of your best nail art friends.
This is really sad but I don't have any friends. I'm a stay at home mom in a college town. I don't share the same interests as anyone here. Everyone wants to party and I'm just trying to figure out how to get my 21 month old to verbally communicate. It's pretty lonely, that's why I started this blog.
9. What was the best nail polish gift that you ever received? My S/O and I are going through a rift in the relationship currently. We went into Walmart and he disappeared, making me angry because I couldn't find it him and our toddler was flipping out. He shows up and slips something in my back pocket. He ran off and bought me Cha-Ching! from the Gem Crush by Sally Hansen line. 

10. Make a speech thanking the blogger who gave you this tag. Thank you Mixed-Media for tagging me! I love looking at your nail art, it is gorgeous!

11. What is your second favorite nail polish company? Essie.

12. Glitter or no Glitter? Yes, I love glitter!

13. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie? 1. OPI 2. China Glaze 3. Essie

14. When do you change your nail polish? Whenever it chips, which is usually only after 2-3 days. Which is fine, I love rotating colors.

15. What's your favorite color on your nails? Red. It's incredibly chic and goes with everything.

16. Darks or Brights? I prefer brights but I do love darks on occasion. I just don't like the mess they make during clean up.

17. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment? Nothing. I tried doing a V-day mani last night and was impatient and tired. I'm retrying it when I'm done with this survey. I just put the little-bit down for nap so I'm home free for an hour or two.

18. Matte Nails--In or Out? Out. I don't like it, honestly. It looks like a really old/bad mani that rubbed off and was never fixed. It does look good as a tiny accent, though.

19. French Manicure? They're cute.

20. Favorite Winter Color? Hm, that's hard. Essie Eternal Optimist for a light neutral and Zoya Cynthia for a nice, dark blue.


Polish and Charms said...

Thank you for the tag!!!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

No problem! Can't wait to read your answers!