Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoya Summer Stunning Collection

Today I have one half of the Zoya summer collection for you (products provided for review). These are six cremes in the Stunning collection and they truly scream summer fun. All the colors remind me of the flavors you get in ice pops. Yummmm...

I love ice pops. I've eaten an entire bag in like..two days. I'd like to blame it on the pregnancy but really I just have a Popsicle problem. Anyway - on to some of the happiest nail polish shades ever!

Darcy:  Hello, taxi cab yellow! This is bright and hands down the best yellow in terms of application I've ever used. I've owned a few neons, pastels, and everything in between. I also own zoya Pippa and this is leaps and bounds better. Below is two coats and it is soo sunshine-out-the-bum bright.

Josie: The perfect sky blue! It's very delicate but still vibrant and has enough punch for the perfect summer blue. 

Micky: (get it out of your system..) OH MICKY YOU'RE SO FINE YOU'RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND HEY MICKY.

Okay. This is a gorgeous, juicy watermelon shade of pink. It took a lot of will power not to eat my fingers. Though it takes a lot for me not to devour most things these days.

Rocky: a sweet, grassy green. I don't own any shades like this and I've wanted to. All my greens are mint or army green, so this is a lovely addition and a great spring to summer transition color. It's not too bright and it's fairly neutral in terms of green.

Thandie: a bright peach shade. This is the only color in the collection to give me any application issues. The other five shades apply smooth in two coats. This required three to cover up streaks. However, I still cannot wait to rock it with a nice summer tan!

Yana: a bright fuschia-pink. A great borderline neon color for when you want something bright but not incredibly in your face.

There we have it! The stunning collection. Anyone else feel like devouring a box of popsicles? You can purchase the stunning collection at for $8.00.

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Kellie M said...

You have Josie and Rocky mixed up. Josie is green and Rocky is blue. I went to the Zoya website to put what you said was Rocky on my wishlist and the polish they showed was blue so on a hunch I did a search on their site for Josie and there was the green. =)