Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoya Pixiedust Summer Edition

Products in this post were sent for honest review.

Due to the success of the first series of pixiedust nail polishes by Zoya, the fairies quickly went to work and came out with six more stunning, bright pixiedust finish lacquers to satisfy your every summer need. Today I have all six in the collection to show you. Let me tell you, these are gorgeous but so frustrating to remove. Glitter is everywhere. It's pretty and sparkly and can totally interfere with your next swatch or mani if you're not paying attention (like me. I have a bad case of omg-a-squirrel).

All photos are shown with two coats. First up! Beatrix. A warm, metallic orange. This reminds me of those yummy sugar coated, chewy orange slices you can buy at the candy store. They're usually by the abra-cabubbles. Yum. Two coats, no VNL, and lots of bright, happy-happy-happy.

Liberty. A deep, saturated pacific blue. This color is so calming and serene, but very intense at the same time. It reminds me of the crayola color "pacific blue".

Destiny. This looks like Rica's twin sister! To me this looks like coral with gold undertones. It really comes to life in the sun.

. A pretty, pastel lavender. It's described as violet on the website, and even the photo shows violet but  it's much more pastel in person. Not as saturated as the other colors but still absolutely gorgeous.

And my favorite of the bunch...Solange! I have no words. It's like someone captured the sun in a bottle, mixed it with glitter and said HERE, enjoy this on your nails. It's bright, it's sunshine, it's metallic and sparkly and just GOLD. This is a gold that will come up sparkling and gorgeous on any skin-tone. The road to El Dorado is on your nails, folks.

Lastly, we have Miranda. A deep rose- magenta shade. This is very girly and screams put me on your toes!

There we have it. The stunning new summer pixiedust colors by Zoya. I think these are the best textured polishes you can buy. The formula is typical of a Zoya - two coats and you're set. Dry time is next to nothing and I can get a good 3 days of wear (dishes, potty training, the works!) with no chipping. You're not supposed to wear a base or top coat with these and honestly, I don't have any more difficulty removing these than regular glitter polishes.

You can purchase the summer Pixiedust shades at for $9.00 a bottle. Enjoy! Have you picked up any of these shades?

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