Monday, April 29, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013

Here is part two of the Zoya Summer 2013 collection, samples provided for review. These are six gorgeous foil metallic shades perfect for summer!

Kerry is a true gold foil perfect in two coats - almost one if you do it right. Zoya has really impressed me with their gold shades this summer. First Solange, then Darcy, and now Kerry. I can't get enough of Kerry. Bottled sunshine on your nails!

Tinsley looks like she fits right in with Zoya Rica. A rosey pink that absolutely glows in the sun. In the shade she looks more like a dusty rose with a hint of gold. Tinsley, for me, had the thinnest formula out of all of them and required three coats.

Amy is a deeply saturated burnt orange with gold shimmer. A great way to wear orange without the pumpkin-Halloween vibe. Almost a dead ringer for China Glaze Riveting, but Riveting has a bit more red to it in its base.

Bobbi is an eye catching jewel toned magenta.  My formula was a bit goopy but that could also be due to the random 80 degree day we had today. 

Rikki is a metallic cool toned green. The zoya website describes it as a fern-green. Another pretty jewel tone. Not as bright or saturated as the rest but the coverage is phenomenal. This is two coats.

Hazel is unlike anything I own. It works for summer but I can also see it in a winter collection because it looks very icy and frosted over. It's a very unique, metallic steel blue shade. I think this would look great in a gradient with Zoya Marina. I also had some formula issues with this one, but

There you have it! The second part of the Zoya summer collection for 2013. What are your thoughts? Any must haves for you? Hazel took me by surprise but my stand alone favorite is definitely Kerry. I don't own many yellows, and the ones I do are awful for formula and application.

You can buy the summer collection at for $8.00 each.

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