Monday, April 22, 2013

My Daily Beauty Routine

I have a "10 minute face" I do most mornings. It's great when I'm rushed or not in the mood for anything incredibly outstanding. It's a neutral look with just a few products I adore and can't live without these days!

Being a mom, I've found it helpful to have a quick make up routine. I apply and go before my crazy three year old gets the urge to try her hand at all of "mommy's pretties". It's great for when I wake up late, or just want to throw my face on before I scare the neighbors. Do excuse my awful, pregnant swollen face. Ugh. The joy.

1. Physician's Formula eye palette in Nude
2. Essence "all eyes on me" black multi-effect mascara
3. Physician's Formula mineral wear foundation in buff beige
4. Benefit cosmetics Benetint rose tinted lip & cheek stain
5. L'Oreal infalliable never fail powder in Creamy Natural
6. Benefit Ultra Plush sugar bomb lip gloss
7. E.L.F. shadow studio brush
8. Ulta gel eyeliner in Mink

I start with a clean face and apply a few dabs of Physician's Formula foundation. Once that is absorbed into my skin, I brush L'oreal infallible powder all over to cover any spots I missed and set the foundation. 
You can tell my favorite colors in the Nude palette LOL. I sweep a lighter shade all over my eyelid, and then blend the dark brown out and fill in the outer corner of my eyes with the darkest shade in the palette. I line the outer rims of my eyes with Ulta's gel eyeliner and smudge, then swipe a coat of Essence Mascara. My lips get my favorite nude gloss, sugar bomb! And finally benetint in rose on the cheeks to finish the look. All in all in takes me about ten minutes and I'm out the door. 


Cupcake Couture said...

Great blog!

When you get a chance, stop by my blog, I'm holding a giveaway for a Naked 2 palette!

Sample Hime said...

Pssssst. There are high levels of arsenic in Benetint. It used to be my go to for at least 3 years and then I read a study finding it to be like the highest in lead and arsenic or something like that.