Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty Tips

With summer fast approaching, everyone thinks to apply sunscreen to their face and body. Did you know your fingernails also endure damage from the sun, and can quickly turn dry and brittle? Excess sun exposure can cause vertical lines in your nails, and cause your cuticles and nail folds to dry out. When your cuticles and nail folds are dried and cracked, you're leaving a vulnerable part of your body exposed to nasty bacteria to seep in and potentially give way to illness. 

Apply sunscreen multiple times a day to your hands. If you're already wearing sunscreen, you're probably hitting all the exposed parts of your hands in the first place. Take extra notice to your cuticles like you would a cuticle cream and you're ready to go!

What can you do if you already have vertical ridges from sun damage on your nails? Apply a ridge filling base coat daily. The healing process can take around 6 months, so be very persistent.

My favorite ridge filling base coat?

Seche Ridge Filling base. I use this every day. I buy mine at Sally's Beauty Supply, but I've also seen it at Target. Retails for around $6.00.

As for sunscreen, there are quite a few that I love:

Hawaiin Tropic Shimmer Effect smells amazing and has SPF 40. Great for day to day use! Retails for $10.00

Kiss my Face face factor for face+neck. SPF 50, and fights wrinkles. I use this one on my cuticles. Retails for $12.00-$13.00.

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