Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoya Surf Collection

Today I have Zoya Surf collection for you. I took these using my makeshift light box and I'm way less than impressed with my results. I need a better light source and I suppose I need to pull out this stupid macro attachment again.

I'm definitely not entirely satisfied with these photos, so I will be taking some outdoor shots. It's been cloudy lately so I'm not sure when that will be and I didn't want to take an obscene amount of time getting these swatches up. Rest assured - better photos are coming.

So, here is the Surf collection. Six beautiful metallic/foil shades. All of these except Zuza are one coat beauties. It seems other people did not have this one-coat ease. Every color here except Zuza left me with no visible nail line after one coat. Awesome.

L-R: Carly, Meg, Zuza, Myrta, Kimber, Rory

L-R: Carly, Meg, Zuza

L-R Myrta, Kimber, Rory

Rory: Opaque in one coat. Shimmery bubble gum pink.  It's very blue based so I'm not quite sure it will look great on warmer skin tones. I was surprised that I liked this color. It almost leaned too "frosty" for me but it's managed to stay behind that fine line. It's very, princess-pop-bubblegum-dog-in-my-Louis Vuitton. I love it!

Myrta: Orange-red metallic. Very easy way to wear orange if you're afraid of jumping on the tangerine bandwagon. In person it rings a lot more red and looks very similar to China Glaze Riveting. I will be doing a comparison later this week.

Zuza: My most anticipated. Not a one coat polish like the rest. This is two coats. It's so beyond gorgeous - an aqua foil with silver shimmer. This color reminds me of lounging by the pool. If you had to pick one color to summarize the entire Beach & Surf summer collection, it would be this color.  If someone had a nerf gun to my head and was like QUICK PICK ONE COLOR AND EVERYONE IN THE WORLD MUST WEAR IT would be Zuza.

A deep, shimmery purple. This is not as red in person as it's showing in the photo. It's actually a very deep with no red in sight. Quite enticing. It seems companies like throwing in at least one vampy shade in their collections lately. Most of the time they make no sense (ahem vampsterdam), but Carly is very fitting in this collection.

Kimber: A pinkish-reddish-orangey shade. It seems to have a bit of gold shimmer to it, kind of like China Glaze strawberry fields. I love shades like this. They're very unique.  This color is a lot deeper than Strawberry Fields and thus, infinitely more awesome. Not much to say about this shade. It looks like summer. If it had a smell it would probably be a Strawberry Daiquiri. No umbrella though - they just get in the way. 

Meg: A grassy, bright-but-not-too-bright green. Another unique shade. It seems more spring to me than summer but it's gorgeous and fitting none-the-less. I'm not a fan of green but I think this worked well with my cool undertones.


The Zoya surf collection is amazing. Every color is stunning and unique and I can imagine myself wearing all of them. Even Meg..and I dislike green on my nails. The only downfall to this collection is they cannot make you fly. /sadface

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Beach collection! :) If you're interested in any of these colors you can buy them HERE. I highly recommend you buy Zuza. She is absolutely stunning. I cannot stop gushing over that color!

Zoya Beach & Surf collection was kindly and generously sent to me for review.
My opinions are mine, totally honest, and not influenced in any way by anything other than how hungry I am at the time I'm swatching.

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