Wednesday, April 11, 2012

China Glaze Kaleidoscope

Yesterday I was driving back from a three hour trip and decided to make a pit stop so my daughter could stretch her legs. We went to this mall, a mall I'd been to a thousand times before and never thought twice about the salon. Why would I? Before now, I'd never truly be interested in nail polish and dusty hunting was not in my repertoire.

So here we are. Daughter playing in this little car and I spot LA Nails. Some dinky little nail salon in a crap-tastic mall. The salon is covered in carpet and wood paneling. I thought I'd venture in a take a peek to see if anything good is inside. You never know, right? The mid-west is a ripe dusty hunting ground. Then I see these silver caps.

Noooo way. NO FLIPPING WAY. At this point I am on this dirty floor that hasn't been vacuumed in months with my nose up against the glass. I think I flashed everyone in the mall my crack. Silver caps always mean gold (haha).

Boom. Four China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes sitting in front of this glass case. Who knows how long they've been there. They were hiding in a section all their own, in this gigantic sea of old OPI. I had no cash on me so I asked the lady to hold them and she gladly obliged, completely unaware of the mega gems I just found. I bolted out of the salon whisper-screaming at my significant other 'OH MY GOD OH MY GOD JJJJAACKPOT MUTHHAAS.'

Visit me in Prism, two Rated Holographic, and He's Going in Circles. They're in my possession and I'm just in awe. Here are some quick and dirty swatches. The colors are so rich and holographic my camera had a very difficult time focusing on the nails!

He's Going in Circles - three coats. This one is my favorite. It's a beautiful seafoam green (one of my favorite shades ever!) with just..well, look!

Visit me in Prism - 3 coats

I did one finger with some navy underwear and the pinky finger has three coats of just Visit me in Prism. My S/O thought it was a good idea to use underwear - I don't like it, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I left it. :) It doesn't need underwear, though. It just takes away from the holographic magic that happens.

Rated Holographic - three coats


Br00ke said...

MHM I found DV8, Blue Moon Lagoon, and What's Dune in a dinky mall salon :) Nice finds!!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Nice finds yourself! I love easy dusty hunting. :)

HaulOfFame said...

Great finds!!!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Thank you, I am beyond excited!