Thursday, April 12, 2012

Julep Spring Mystery Box

I'm a huge sucker for surprises and mystery. Somehow, I've managed to stay away from all the previous Julep Mystery Boxes but I couldn't avoid the Spring one. Spring brought ideas of pastels and I LOVE pastels. I know Julep has a history of repeating and recycling colors into their mystery boxes so I went for it. I loved all the April colors last month but the only one I have is Jessica.

My box came today, and I am very disappointed in the colors. I received a fast dry top coat, Heather, Alicia, and Melissa, and the cuticle oil. I love the cuticle oil to pieces. I've used it like 10 times today, I love the roller ball! Plus it smells great. The box also had a nail file and gross tasting chocolate (that I ate anyway because I'm a whore for some cacao).

I'll keep the top coat, but the rest of the colors? Not a fan, at all. Alicia is fairly spring like but..that's about it. Oh well, that's what you get when you go for a mystery box :)


Smurfmobile85 said...

I hear ya! Mine was a dud too. I got base coat, cuticle oil (I like this), and out of three polishes I got two were repeats. Don't suppose you'd want to trade for an Oscar and a Melissa? Oh well... Luck of the draw. One day we'll get the KILLER box!!! :) -Deana

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Lol, I am not a gold fan and I have Melissa here. :) Sorry to hear yours was a dud, too! Seems to be the general consensus this month.

One day we will get epic boxes, and then we'll wonder why we ever complained (;