Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Bridal Veil

Yesterday, I was in Walgreen's and came across the new Sally Hansen glitter top coat display. In the pictures, Bridal Veil looked interesting. I couldn't pass it up in the store (although I should have!) because it looked so neat. The name is very fitting, but I think the glitter kind of looks like spider eggs.

First, I used Leotard Optional from the Seophora by OPI urban ballerina set. It's a very pretty neutral. It's described on the sephora site as a mocha beige but I'm not seeing much mocha here. Mocha is a bit darker, in my opinion. Anyway - the application was easy and effortless. This is three coats (not sure what happened at the corner of my pinky. Random bubble?)

Then I applied one coat of Sally Hansen Bridal Veil. Round white glitter with small, gold hexagons in it. The hexagons really reflected light outside in this photo.

Here's a less shiny photo. This glitter is really unique. It's why I picked it up in the first place. The application is a little on the thick side, but certainly not unmanageable. I haven't seen a glitter like this before, at least in a drugstore. It's not subtle, but it's not in your face, either. At 4.99, it's very affordable. I'll have to try different color combinations with this glitter and see if it works with more than just neutrals. I can't say I'll wear this too often for anything other than an accent nail. But I'm just not a huge fan of glitter (I know!)

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