Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely Collection

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely collection - "beauty is a lovely state of mind"
Zoya Blu
Zoya Blu is a baby , blue creme. I love baby blue cremes. Application was smooth - this is three coats.

Zoya GeiGei

An amazing princessy glitter pink! This is two coats. This makes me want to put on a giant cone hat with streamers and a big ball grown.

Zoya Jacqueline

A nude, light buttercream. When I looked at this shade in the bottle I didn't think it would look great on me, but I fell in love. It's a perfect spring nude. Great for a for a wedding, I think! This is two coats, application of course, was a dream.

Zoya Julie

This is glitter lavender, very princess like. I'd love to paint my daughter's walls with this color. This is two coats.

Zoya Neely

A beautiful mint green creme. I love a good mint green creme and this hits the spot better than anyone I've tried before. This is two coats. Application is smooth like all Zoya's are.

Zoya Pilaf

A golden yellow glitter. This is two coats. Application is wonderful but I'm not a fan of the color on myself. My husband said it looks like I smoke a lot, lol yikes.

Zoya always impresses and never disappoints. These are six gorgeous shades for spring! They remind me of dessert mints! You can purchase zoya nail polish here. They retail for 8.00 a bottle. If you're interested in any of these I highly recommend participating in the Zoya 3 Free promo that starts Monday, Jan. 7th. I posted about it here.

*Side note, I hope my camera gets back up and running soon. :(

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