Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Beauty Savings

Here's a new feature on the blog. Every week I'll post the beauty saving coupons you can find in your Sunday paper! This week's post is late, however the following weeks will be posted on Friday or Saturday.

This Sunday we had:

Almay $2/1 cosmetic product
Infusium 23 $1/1 16oz+ shampoo or conditioner
Infusium 23 $2/1 8oz leave in treatment
Irish Spring $1/1  6pk+ bar pack
Irish Spring $1/1 body wash - excludes 2.5oz
Softsoap $.75/1 12oz+ body wash or 2pk+ bar soap
Speed Stick $1/1 regular or lady antiperspirant/deodorant excludes 2oz, 1.4 oz, and .5 oz


Brianna said...

Thanks for this! Super helpful to have something like this so I can be on the lookout for a great deal!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

No problem, I hope it helps! Let me know what deals you find!