Thursday, January 24, 2013

Look of the Day

This is my first try with liquid eyeliner. I read a few tutorials and thought I'd give 'er a shot. I don't think I did a half bad idea. I love make up, but I usually don't do a full face of make up. It's generally a sparkly nude palette eye shadow, blush, and a gloss or plain look. I stay at home with the spawn so wearing too much make up while elbow deep in diapers and dishes is a tad on the excessive side for me. This is definitely a look I'll pull out for a Christmas party or other celebration. My next goal is to attempt a more neutral day look for liquid eyeliner.

To start the look I primed my eye and added concealer. Next I brushed on a light eye shadow from a Physician's Formula shimmer strip palette for Hazel eyes (even though mine are green..I break the rules :P). Next I started with a thin line under my top lashes to fill in gaps, and proceeded to use small brush strokes to create a thin straight line. After that dried I went over that same line a second time to darken it up. I added a line on top of that line to thicken it up, extended my flare (with eyes open, not pulling on the lid! That will distort your line and make it uneven) and filled in the triangle.

The liquid eyeliner I used is a black australis liquid eyeliner I received in a beauty swap last year. I used my Essence XXXL mascara. The red lipstick is Milani Red Label.

Better photos to come soon! (:

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terr davidson said...

Your makeup looks really nice