Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Picks

Stumped for Valentine's Day ideas? Need to just shove something in your significant other's face and go HERE BUY ME THIS?

Here are 14 (ha) of my Valentine's Day gift picks, all under $20.00!

1. Retro Rosie earrings, $9.99,
2. Heart Shaped rosebud mirrored compact, $2.80, and Forever 21 stores
3. The WAH nails book of nail art, $17.59,
4. Heathered Heart Pullover, $17.80, and Forever 21 stores
5. Zoya nail polish in Gia, $8.00,
6. Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink, $10.63, and Walmart stores
7. Nine & Co Wingit Houndstooth pumps, $14,
8. Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter, $15,  and Bath and Body works stores
9. The Comforter, blackcurrant bubbler, $10.95,
10. Chained collar dress, $19.80, and forever 21 stores
11. Printed canvas ballet flats, $19.94, and old navy stores
12. Leopard lace trim cheeky boyshorts, $5.80, and forever 21 stores
13. Juicy Couture 'couture la la' rollerball, $19.00,
14. Essie 'She's Pampered' nail lacquer, $8.00, various drugstores and

There it is! That's my list. All these things are super adorable. I could list so much more so I might make another one or two of these so there are more ideas floating around. Happy shopping!

*The zoya gia link is my share the love referral link!

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