Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two day haul.

Yesterday, we all went out for Mexican and I stopped by Sally's and picked up a few things. Two of the minis are for a box swap I'm in. Two neon orange mini sally's, a mini out the door, seche, and "warhol wannabe", a neon pink by Finger Paints.

Today I went out and found my mother's day gift. An amazingly beautiful 10k white gold ring. It was $339, I bought it for $94. :)

I also bought two new polishes from Icing. They're from the 'starstruck' collection and appear to be from color club! The pink one is "flying saucer" and the green one is "blast off". These are amazingly sparkly and fun for summer.

The mustache is a jewelry holder. I don't own anything to hold my jewelry. When I put it on the counter the chick ringing me up was like "You are NOT buying that!" LOL. Yes, yes I am. What can I say? I love it. :) I also purchased some new vintagey-retro flower sunglasses from Rue 21 and a set of Mediterranean looking bangles. I'm not a huge fan of bangles or bracelets in general, but these really spoke to me!


Sarah said...

That chartreuse nail polish looks ah-maaaazing! And good work on the mother's day gift, that's a great deal!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

I can't wait to swatch these and do some nail art with them. They're so freaking bright and sparkly!