Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pure Ice: new display/polishes

There is a new display of Pure Ice nail polish at Walmart called "Vinyl Remix". The display shows a bunch of manicured hands with this awesome rainbow effect. Each polish is a duo: one base coat, one color, and one nail file.

I don't have any photos of the display because my phone is in the stone age with no photo capabilities, and I generally don't go toting my large Nikon around LOL. Anyway, I stood in front of the display with my sister wondering if each individual polish provides that rainbow effect, or if these are individual colors that are layered. The bottles were very vague but we came to the (maybe obvious conclusion, but the display is so misleading) that each set is one color. She grabbed the blue. Not pictured is a vinyl nail file included (which is cute and I wish my sister would just give to me...I love kitschy stuff like that, lol).

I thought the term 'vinyl remix' was neat and bringing something new to the table. I love old records so the idea was very appealing to my inner hipster. Pure Ice already has a line of colored crackle so it didn't occur to me they'd try that AGAIN. Turns out, it really is just some crackle, ya'll. LOL. Glad I didn't buy it. If my sister goes back out to buy another one, I'll layer the two and let you guys know if this is anything special. The magic base coat is just white polish and the blue is....blue.

Apparently, the vinyl that comes with this is supposed to help you make designs with the polish. I'm going to try it today and see what happens.

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