Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I love jellies and I love being hit with multiple photos of jellies. There's just something about their squishy texture and shiny-finish that makes me gush whenever I wear one. The OPI Texas jellies are amazing. I used to have Houston, We Have a Purple - but I gave it away! I just didn't like that shade of purple on me.

All of these photos are three coats. As you can see, there really is no visible nail line at that point. With two coats you have a bit of VNL but with the third it disappears. At least on me! All these colors are incredibly saturated and beautiful. If you do not own them, you need to.

Too Hot Pink to Hold' Em
Appropriate name - it's a bright pink fuschia jelly. It's very girly, very in your face, and of course squishy.

Big Hair..Big Nails.
The one that made me fall in love with jellies! It's a pink-red. In person it has more pink tint to it than red. I wish this was a true red jelly.

Ya'll Come Back, Ya Hear?
My new favorite. This is very orange, hello citrus. It's just amazing. It's perfect for summer and I cannot believe I hadn't pulled it out of my collection until yesterday.


That's it for the jelly fun. I wish I had more to show you! I have OPI my pointe exactly but that one is such a pain to apply. I'm impatient so every time I try, I get bald spots and it pools by my cuticle. 


PassionForPolish said...

Ooh jellies are gorgeous!!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

Jellies are my freaking life! lol

Sarah said...

These are so pretty! I passed up a couple of the OPI Texas collection jellies on clearance at Ulta... I am seriously considering running back there today to see if they still have them! :P

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...


They really are amazing!!

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

I love Jellies they are awesome. My favorite is Deborah Lippmann's PYT!

Sun-Dried Lacquer said...

PYT is a jelly? I was looking at that one awhile back. Maybe I should buy it, too, lol.