Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Loss Journey: Update

Awhile back I posted at the mid-point of my weight loss journey. You can read that here. I realized just now I never updated anyone.

So I continued on my exercise path. I ran twice a day, every other day. Sit ups, push ups, a lot of training where I used my own body weight as resistance. I started at almost 240lbs. I ended at 158lbs. I could fit into a size 8 jeans which never happened a day in my life.

Then I got pregnant. Womp womp. LOL. Anyway - I'm still trying to exercise even when I'm too tired to do it. I'm not entirely successful with that yet. But, I haven't gained a terrible amount of weight, I can still wear my jeans they just won't button..and to be honest, that's a feat in itself because my other pregnancies I had to retire my jeans early because I couldn't even pull them up over my thighs!

Anyway, just thought I would update :) If you're struggling with your weight loss or just need some inspiration, if my lazy butt did it, yours can as well!

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