Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zoya Pixiedust Collection

I am very excited to show you guys the Zoya Pixiedust collection. Since Zoya first started releasing promo photos my lacquer senses were tingling with joy. These are gorgeous, unique, and for being a matte textured  polish, are so darn sparkly I'm impressed.

Dry time is next to nothing. These photos are three coats each. Wait until the first coat dries before you add your second coat, or your polish will start to pool.

Godvia: textured matte, neutral tan. This is my favorite of the bunch! I love neutrals and this adds such a sophisticated but fun kick to neutral. I can see myself going through this bottle completely and needing a back up.

Vespa: Light sea-foam green. This is a very serene color. It's definitely perfect for spring.

Chyna: One of the sexiest colors of the year, I think! A vivid, in-your-face red. Add the texture and sparkle and you have a serious knock out shade of red. You can get away with two coats of Chyna.

Dahlia: A deep black. It looks like a textured version of Storm. Like Chyna, you can get away with two coats.

London: Definitely my third favorite. A light charcoal gray. The name is absolutely perfect. My pointer in this photo had not finished drying yet.

Nyx: A light periwinkle. Another beautiful spring shade!

I highly recommend this collection. I love the new texture-fad nail polish is having right now and Zoya did a magnificent job! You can purchase these at for $9.00 a bottle.

What do you guys think about the texture trend? Love it, leave it?

This collection was provided for honest review. 

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